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I was one of the four photographers, who yesterday particpated in the Help Portrait project in Copenhagen.

The purpose in Help portrait is to give those, who need to ease the bank account, an extra hand with the christmas gifts or just give the experience to be photographed by a professional photographer. It’s all about giving during these stressed days in december.

It was about to get dropped this year, because no one had time. So in the last seconds, Mugge and I volunteered for the project and created a small crew of 5 photographers. We only had a month to set it up, so a big thx to the girls, Sinni, Bras & Slam we wouldn’t be able to do this without you guys and of course a big up to Støbberiet (location), Canon, HP for printers and prints material and Module Photo for delivering the studio gear! Another big thx to Well and Nørregade candy and all those who was kind enough to donate some money, you know who you are;-)